Biggest Libraries of the World

Posted by Rupam on April 24, 2024

List of Biggest Libraries of the World-

Name & Country Location Catalogue size
British Library, United Kingdom London and Boston Spa 170–200 million
Library of Congress, United States Washington D.C. 170 million+
Library and Archives, Canada Ottawa 54 million
Shanghai Library, China Shanghai 50 million
Russian State Library, Russia Moscow 47.2 million
Royal Danish Library, Denmark Copenhagen and Aarhus 42.5 million
National Diet Library, Japan Tokyo and Kyoto 41.9 million
Bibliothèque Nationale de France Paris 40 million
National Library of China Beijing 37.7 million
National Library of Russia Saint Petersburg 36.5 million
German National Library, Germany Leipzig and Frankfurt 36.1 million
Biblioteca Nacional de España, Spain Madrid 33.1 million
Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia Saint Petersburg 26.5 million
Berlin State Library, Germany Berlin 23.4 million
Boston Public Library, United States Boston, Massachusetts 22.4 million
New York State Library, United States Albany, New York 20 million
Harvard Library, United States Cambridge, Massachusetts 18.9 million
National Library of Sweden Stockholm 18 million
Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine Kiev 15.5 million
Yale Library, United States New Haven, Connecticut 15.2 million
National Library of Iran Tehran 15 million